Turlock Toy-Anime-Comic Con
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Turlock Toy-Anime-Comic Con


I will be in Turlock, at the Toy Anime/Comic Con hosted by Ohana Comic Con this February along with my pals from the #Turlocktoonskwad. Stop by if you want to buy a copy of my comic The Show, now in printed limited copies.


I will be taking commissions that day. If I don’t finish yours by the time the con is over I will gladly ship them to you. If you would like to order a commission ahead of the con, you can do so by filling out the form below. I will try to have it ready for you at the con. The following are the be prices exclusive for the Ohana event.

OHANA con Feb 2019 Prices

Haro Sign Ohana Con Feb 2019.jpg
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Enter your cell number if you would like me to contact you when your commission is ready.

I’ll have sketchcards, and prints for sale as well, so stop by and chat and let me know what you think of the #haroexperience.

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