Who Is HARO?

My name is Harold L. George and I’ve been drawing since I was about 6 years old. Loved recapturing the Sunday funnies with my own hands and on my own ruled paper. I was introduced to comics at a very young age by a cousin who just discarded them. Lucky for me he did. 

I was 9 when I met more friends who could draw and thus started creating my own characters. Once this happened, I was hooked. I began collecting comics when they were only 75 cents and I started to become inspired to draw more.

My style can be summarized by my inspirations as a kid. Artists like Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, Rob Liefeld, Joe Madureira, Marc Silvestri, J Scott Campbell and recently Sean "Cheeks" Galloway and Humberto Ramos were most of the reasons I picked up comics.

For the past 5 years I ventured to create my own comic book with characters I created as a kid. I got together with some of my old drawing buddies to start off with the creation of The Show Comic's first issue. Through self-web-publishing, I was able to connect with Tony DiGerloamo and become the illustrator for his web comic "I Hate My Kids" as well as land some storyboarding gigs here and there. I've also had the privilege to work on 3 issues of Fleischer and The Group as a penciller. 

I want to continue to evolve with every drawing I do and some how, one day, become an inspiration just as those before me have been to me. I want to continue to create great art and great characters and stories for everyone to relate to and love.

To everyone who has followed me on Instagram and other social media platforms and who enjoy my art, I want to thank you. I look forward to continue providing great work for you to enjoy.

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