On an Earth where the Roswell crash and its extraterrestrial casualties were public news, the peaceful alien race of the planet Bak-Thash shared their technological advances with the US government. Using Bak-Tashian technology, the US government perfected their gene manipulation project causing the extinction level event known as “Point Zero”.

Point Zero altered the atmosphere wiping out more than half the earth’s population. The survivors, with varying degrees of altered DNA, were forever changed.

Today, with the help of the Bak-Thashian emissary known as The Elite, the new US government created an organization that watches and regulates beings who have evolved superhuman abilities. These watchers are part of The S.H.O.W. (Super Human Operations Watch)


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Thank you to all the people who submitted fan art for The Show. hank you for the love and the support and thank you for reading the first episode.

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