From days of long ago… Ha ha ha ha! That sounds corny. But nothing here yet. Haven’t created an epilogue to go with the story, but keep checking back and there will be something here. Thanks for stopping by and showing some interest in this book. In the meantime, check out the fan art below and if you want to know more about this book, scroll down a little further and click on any of the blog posts to see what the process behind creating this book is. Thank you again for stopping by and showing me your support.


ghosts: The Corechasers FAN ART

Thank you to all who submitted fan art for Ghosts. You can find all the submitted art below. If you wish to submit fan art for Ghosts: Corechasers, please use the hashtag #ghostscomicfanart and I will add it to this collection and repost on my instagram page. Thank you for the love and the support.

Creating ghosts: The Corechasers